Our Story
MJCOG – Celebrating New Life

Mount Juliet Church of God is a vibrant and growing church that was established by decades of faithfulness.  We honor our heritage and we are extremely excited about our future and what God is doing in our church.


We are experiencing a shift in our church.  In February 2018, God sent Pastors Brian and Danielle Varnell to us.  Immediately God ushered our church into a new season.  At MJCOG, we are cultivating a culture of freedom.  What does that mean?  We want the atmosphere to inspire you to release your cares and your burdens.  We desire to see everyone leave this place having experienced true freedom that is only found in Jesus Christ.  The hopeless can find hope and the broken can be put back together again.


We are celebrating new life here.  We are seeing people restored.  We are discipling people to be what God designed them to be.  We are empowering people to impact the Kingdom of God for His glory.

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