Mount Juliet Church of God

Pastors Brian and Danielle Varnell

Pastors Brian and Danielle Varnell followed God to Mt Juliet Church in February 2018.  They loaded up a moving truck and their family and moved to Mount Juliet to pursue the heart of God for their lives and MJCOG.  Brian and Danielle were married in 2005 in Chattanooga, TN.  They have a daughter named Ansleigh(8) and a son named Truett(5).


Brian is an Ordained Bishop in the Church of God and currently serves on the Tennessee State Youth Board.  He previously served on the Tennessee State World Missions Board. Brian was called to preach at a very young age and has always had the “heart of a pastor”.  He cares for people and always believes that God has more for them.  He is passionate about presenting the Gospel in a relevant way that inspires and challenges.


Danielle is the Worship Pastor here.  She has an incredible heart for worship and loves to work together with the many talented people here to lead our congregation into His presence every week.  God has placed a big heart within her that is full of love.  She has a contagious passion for Kingdom work.


“We want the people of Mount Juliet and surrounding areas to know that we are here to serve, love people, preach truth, and be “real”.  The world does not need a plastic pulpit figure that seems unapproachable, instead, they need someone that passionately pushes them to grow to the next level in Christ through the Word of God.  If you are new to the area or you are looking for a church, please come see us at Mount Juliet Church of God.  We look forward to meeting you.”


Pastors Brian & Danielle Varnell 

Associate Pastors Jaime and Deborah Torres

They returned to Tennessee in June of 2015 after living in Costa Rica for 7 years and have been attending the Mount Juliet Church of God since September of 2015.  Jaime (born in Gary, Indiana) and Deborah (born in Fajardo, Puerto Rico) have been married for 21 years and have two children: Gabriela S. and Jaime A. Both children are attending local schools and have collaborated in their ministry. Jaime and Deborah are from parents who served the Lord in ministry and have siblings who are serving the Lord as well.


Jaime is the Associate Pastor here at MJCOG. Jaime and Deborah are also the Student Pastors and lead the Spanish Church: Casa de Adoracion al Rey.


They have served as pastors in Puerto Rico, Nashville, TN, and Costa Rica where they served as Praise and Worship Pastors.  MJCOG is incredibly blessed to have the Torres family.

Mount Juliet Church of God Leadership

Connections Pastors Scott and Angie Davis

Pastors Scott and Angie Davis have been a part of the Wilson County community since 2001 and currently reside in the Lebanon area. They have been married since 1995 and have two amazing kids, a daughter named Chelsea and a son named Samuel.


Scott answered the call to ministry in the summer of 1989.  He attended Evangel Bible College in 1991 and Central Bible College in 1992 where he studied Pastoral Ministry and Communications.  In 1993, Scott served his Internship as Academic Dean with Teen Challenge in Long Island, New York.  Together, over the years, Scott and Angie have answered the call to serve as God has opened doors of opportunity in several key roles as Student Pastors, Young Adult (College) Pastors, and Campus Pastors.


Scott and Angie received a Word from the Lord in the summer of 2017 to step out from their previous position and to trust Him.  Not truly knowing what that meant or where that would be, they committed it to prayer and fasting, stepped out in faith and resigned their position after 11 1/2 years in April 2018.  God brought this family to Mt. Juliet Church of God in May 2018.


“Thank you, Pastor Brian and Mrs. Danielle, for the opportunity to serve beside you.  Thank you to the amazing families that have welcomed us with love and open arms.  We are so excited to see what God is going to do here at Mt. Juliet Church of God and in the Wilson County area.  Our family over the years has learned, “not our will be done, but His will be done”.  God has led us here to support and team up with the Pastoral Staff to love and serve the families of Mt. Juliet Church of God in any way God leads us.  Christ is our Passion; Reaching People is our Purpose. -Pastors Scott and Angie Davis

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